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Beyond the Device Podcast

3Eye’s “Beyond the Device” podcast series explores everything in the world of enterprise mobile technology and security. Topics range from product deep dives with industry experts to leadership and business strategy discussions, to how to go to market effectively in a world that is relying more and more on mobile communication.

We do the heavy lifting – examining new technologies, testing and validating solutions and much more. Whether you are grappling with how to improve identity and access management or how to secure critical systems so you can provide first class tools to work-from-home employees, let the experts at 3Eye and our technology partners get you up to speed.

Got an idea for a podcast topic? Contact us. We’ll do our best to pull the exact right experts together on a future episode of Beyond the Device.


Single Sign On is a powerful tool that has tangible benefits in the workplace. With SSO, users no longer need to manually log into each resource they access as part of their job – saving them time and energy while providing an extra layer of security by protecting accounts from being exposed through phishing scams […]


Season 3 Episode 36 In this episode of Beyond the Device, host Reid Estreicher is joined by Amit Ponam and Steven Gohl of @Scalefusion to show that not all MDMs are created equally. Many of the MDMs in the market today are singularly focused on trying to beat the competition by matching features that are […]


10 years ago Conor Macfarlane founded 3Eye Technologies. As a specialty distributor focused on mobility, identity and security, Conor identified an unmet market need in that mobile device protection has always been focused as a B2C play. So if you’re a corporate purchaser, if you’re in healthcare technology procurement, if you are a government buyer […]

RAM Mounts and AINA Push to Talk

A Look at the Revolutionary PPT Bundle Solution From AINA and RAM Mounts Caramie Huntington (AINA) and Kyle Lonzak from RAM Mounts join Reid Estreicher on the Beyond the Device podcast to share how they have joined forces to create a best in class Push-to-Talk bundle that works in virtually all licensed and unlicensed networks […]


Joe Hillebrand and Steven Gapski from Altus join Reid Estreicher and the Beyond the Device Podcast to discuss how Altus-Inc. healthcare workstations and carts increase mobility in clinical environments. Altus designed carts are built for clinical environments that are ergonomically friendly, easily hold computers, keyboards, and other tools used for data recording, management, and gathering […]

Push to Talk and LMR with AINA

Caramie Huntington joins the Reid Estreicher and the Beyond the Device Podcast to discuss how @ainawireless has evolved critical Push-to-Talk and LMR applications over multiple licensed and unlicensed bands with multiple devices that are worn on body and in vehicle for law enforcement, first responders (fire/EMS), military, fleet and more. @AINAwireless compatible with all major […]

RAM Mounts Laptop Replacement with Kyle Lonzak

In this episode of #BeyondTheDevice, Kyle Lonzak, Business Development Manager shares how RAM Mounts tackles the growing trend of replacing in-vehicle laptops with tablets and ruggedized keyboards for government (police, fire, military and EMS) as well as industrial fleet vehicles. With RAM’s modular design concepts, leveraging existing laptops while transitioning to tablets and other in-vehicle […]

Iuncta Identity Management

On this episode of Beyond the Device, Reid Estreicher looks to uncover what is we know as individuals and what tech giants and others know about our digital persona with Swalé. We explore the coming Web 3 and the dark side of the metaverse – A totally immersive virtual world may indeed seem exciting, but […]

Identity Management with BIO-Key

Protecting the valuable data that organizations generate, gather, and store from unauthorized access is crucial. Data breaches of any magnitude can have an enormous impact on your company’s bottom line and stakeholder confidence. Businesses can improve the security of their data by implementing identity management solutions. In a recent Beyond the Device podcast, Reid Estreicher […]

Data Recovery with SecureData

3Eye joins the team from SecureData to discuss their range of tailored high-level data protection products.

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