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10 years ago Conor Macfarlane founded 3Eye Technologies. As a specialty distributor focused on mobility, identity and security, Conor identified an unmet market need in that mobile device protection has always been focused as a B2C play. So if you’re a corporate purchaser, if you’re in healthcare technology procurement, if you are a government buyer deploying mobile devices and you’re looking for affordable and reliable device protection, you’ve got two options today. The first is really expensive consumer brands that you might know from your experience as a consumer. Because let’s face it, everybody’s got a device with a case. Or you are taking a chance on something that you find online somewhere that you’ve never heard of and maybe it’s hitting a price point that’s more attractive. That is the ethos of OuterFactor. OuterFactor was born to solve an unmet market need. The need for reliable, rugged, B2B first device protection at a price point that makes sense.

CEO and founder of both 3Eye Technologies and OuterFactor, Conor Macfarlane, joins the Beyond the Device Podcast with host, Reid Estreicher and 3Eye Practice Lead of Mobility, Ambrose Bregg to share how OuterFactor is bringing reliable, rugged, and customizable B2B first device protection at a price point that makes sense. 

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