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Value-Added Services

Count on 3Eye for your most demanding jobs.

Deploy Technology Faster and More Efficiently.

3Eye’s modern solution-centric approach to the channel is firmly anchored in high value-added services. This means our partners enjoy more profitable business, adopt new technologies more easily, and benefit from common-sense commercial and logistical support.

Service Offerings

  • Single SKU Custom Kits
  • Multi-Vendor Consolidation
  • Staging/Kitting
  • Configuration
  • Assembly
  • Cloud License Enrollment
  • Custom Logo Printing
  • Drop Shipping
  • On-Site Installation
  • Consignment Inventory Management
  • Device Buy Back
Download our Services Battlecard to learn how 3Eye can help.


  • Save an average of 10 minutes per configuration.
  • Skip the confusion, trust our experts.
  • Reduce returns, mitigate the risk of missing/damaged parts.


3-step quality control process:

  • Item inspection
  • Technician sign-off
  • Manager sign-off


  • No minimum order quantity
  • Can ship to multiple locations



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