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Iuncta Identity Management

On this episode of Beyond the Device, Reid Estreicher looks to uncover what is we know as individuals and what tech giants and others know about our digital persona with Swalé. We explore the coming Web 3 and the dark side of the metaverse – A totally immersive virtual world may indeed seem exciting, but that’s the same exact reason it’s so scary. Tech giants already have your personal data, and now they’re trying to create a virtual version of your identity — a meta-human.

What Do You Know About Your Online Identity?

Identity is the most valuable thing on the Internet.

The sites you visit know that, the apps you use know that, the companies that control them know that — but do you know that?

In this digital world, our identities are being managed and collected by entities that aren’t us. And to make matters worse, they’ve done an absolutely stellar job at profiting off it.

Take your average social media platform, for example. A lot of their content is user-generated (i.e. photos, videos, blog posts, etc. made by their users). Whenever you make a post, you’re giving the platform free insight into your habits and idiosyncrasies and the things that you like.

Then, let’s say you decided to check out a different website. It offers you the temptingly convincing social login button — “Log in with Facebook.” Because it’s so convenient, you see no harm in using it, but you have no idea what’s being shared. For all you know, that website now has access to the online identity you cultivated on Facebook. If you were signing up for a banking website, do you think it really needs to know that you have exactly 670 friends and that you liked a Spiderman meme two days ago?

Proper identity management is integral if you want to take back control of your online identity. To learn more, visit to learn about their consumer-first social login platform.

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