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Push to Talk and LMR with AINA

Caramie Huntington joins the Reid Estreicher and the Beyond the Device Podcast to discuss how @ainawireless has evolved critical Push-to-Talk and LMR applications over multiple licensed and unlicensed bands with multiple devices that are worn on body and in vehicle for law enforcement, first responders (fire/EMS), military, fleet and more.

@AINAwireless compatible with all major PTT applications, enabling instant communication in and around the vehicle while providing clear and crisp audio quality, amplifying all media sounds through a Bluetooth connection. This extremely rugged and water-resistant wireless microphone stays in constant charge, provided by an in-vehicle charging cradle.

How PTT Overcomes the Barriers of Phone Networks

For many modern companies in industries like manufacturing, mining, and logistics, instant and clear communication is an essential part of smooth operations. However, there are many limitations with the devices we have used in the past. That’s why technologies like push-to-talk communication emerged, taking over in most industries.

The experts from AINA and 3EYE technologies will dive deeper into the innovations shaping PTT communication today so you can learn how its capabilities make it a better option for your team.

The Problem With Walkie-Talkies and Similar Communication Devices

Walkie-talkies and other devices powered by radio waves come with a lot of problems. First, they either come with very limited range or they can only communicate if each user has the same phone or network. That was how people were able to “chirp” each other in the past. While phones were able to bypass the limited range through the use of a network, they don’t allow for easy and quick communication — in short, they’re just consumer-grade.

Businesses have needed solutions that can provide instant communication for many critical processes for a long time now. However, these solutions also need to be cost-efficient, since building entire infrastructures for a single channel of communication is not a manageable expense for many companies.

How PTT Over LTE Has Become the Ideal Solution

Companies like AINA have long recognized the advantages of using channels like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE as platforms for PTT communication. LTE, in particular, has many advantages that bring it a cut above the rest.

Cost Savings

With a private LTE network, you don’t need to build towers or other infrastructure to support communications. You’ll only need to use your organization’s LTE network detected by the app, which allows you to talk with people in the same channel. The app can be downloaded on any device and will work on whatever network is used by the smartphone.

Unlimited Nationwide Range

Because PTT over IP is possible, the PTT solutions offered at AINA have an unlimited range. This means that wherever you are, even if you’re separated from your team by several states, you can still maintain instant communication for your operations. Only an internet connection is needed, and it won’t discriminate based on the network you use.

Customizable to Your Needs

Since modern PTT solutions work via app, there’s far more functionality available. You no longer have to talk over other people in a channel with multiple users; AINA’s PTT app allows your team to customize whom and how many people a person can talk to.

The Bottom Line

Instant communication is essential for smooth operations and safety in many industrial and commercial settings. If you’re looking for PTT solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, and customizable to your needs, then AINA’s solutions might be just what you need.

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