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RAM Mounts Laptop Replacement with Kyle Lonzak

In this episode of #BeyondTheDevice, Kyle Lonzak, Business Development Manager shares how RAM Mounts tackles the growing trend of replacing in-vehicle laptops with tablets and ruggedized keyboards for government (police, fire, military and EMS) as well as industrial fleet vehicles. With RAM’s modular design concepts, leveraging existing laptops while transitioning to tablets and other in-vehicle technology stacks becomes simpler and more cost-effective.

Why Government Fleet Managers Are Replacing In-Vehicle Laptops With Tablets

Many companies and government agencies use in-vehicle laptops for to provide their staff the ability to remain both mobile and highly productive wherever they may be.

Unfortunately, the design of the laptop and what is required to mount a laptop in vehicle consumes a lot of space and is troubling to move or replace.  Moreover, laptops are difficult to adjust in-vehicle and force people into awkward positions that can easily lead to discomfort after a few hours of use.

RAM Mounts has manufactured the most ergonomic and adjustable laptop mounts that people can buy today. These tablet mounts are made with quality materials that are designed to withstand constant adjustments.

Some of the main reasons why people adopt our in-vehicle tablet mounts include:

  • Use in-vehicle technology for extended periods of time without discomfort
  • Improving their overall productivity while in the field
  • Making it easier for users to perform multiple tasks at once
  • Relocating and replacing equipment easily
  • Reducing screen glare thanks to the easy adjustment options

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