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RAM Mounts and AINA Push to Talk

A Look at the Revolutionary PPT Bundle Solution From AINA and RAM Mounts

Caramie Huntington (AINA) and Kyle Lonzak from RAM Mounts join Reid Estreicher on the Beyond the Device podcast to share how they have joined forces to create a best in class Push-to-Talk bundle that works in virtually all licensed and unlicensed networks and across multiple devices including tablets that eliminate the need for bulky in-vehicle laptop mounts.  3Eye Technologies has partnered with AINA and RAM Mounts to introduce the next big thing in push-to-talk (PTT) and mount technologies. Through this collaboration comes a product bundle that makes instant communication convenient, mobile, and suitable for even the most hostile environments. Read on to learn more about their latest product bundle and how it can revolutionize your operations!

About AINA

Before diving into the product bundle, let’s first discuss the two companies and what they do.

AINA is a frontrunner in the push-to-talk (PTT) industry. While PTT technology was once limited to mobile phones on the same networks, walkie-talkies, and land mobile radios, as communication needs grew, the demand for long-range PTT solutions increased.

AINA is now one of the leading developers of long-range PTT technology using IP. They develop PTT software and equipment that takes advantage of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE to allow long-range instant communication. Thanks to these features, PTT has become more cost-efficient and adaptable to more settings and situations.

About RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts specializes in creating durable and easy-to-use mounts for an array of applications. They’ve been around since 1992 and are based in Seattle, Washington. Here, they design and manufacture mounting solutions for various industries and environments, especially rugged ones. These mounts can house tablets, cameras, phones, and other devices safely and securely.

They’ve partnered with AINA to offer premier PTT solutions to their customers, whatever their needs may be. Thanks to this partnership, customers can now enjoy PTT technology in addition to a slew of other advantages.

What This Partnership Means

Aside from the premier PTT solutions, clients will finally be able to enjoy these other benefits from the AINA and RAM Mounts partnership:

Wireless Solutions

Many PTT solutions have cords and other components that can get in the way during critical moments. The PTT bundle offered by AINA and RAM Mounts, however, takes care of this issue with wireless and sturdy solutions. Thanks to sturdy mounts and Bluetooth speaker microphones, customers can enjoy true mobility without risking the stability or safety of their equipment.

Faster Production Times

Many PTT products are manufactured in China, and the lead time for this equipment can take up to a year. AINA, however, manufactures in Europe — specifically in Estonia and Finland — and RAM Mounts is based in Seattle. Thanks to their convenient locations, customers won’t have to face any delays or logistics issues. The lead time is much quicker, so clients can get their supplies in just a few weeks!

Universal Mounting Solutions

RAM Mounts specializes in all things mounted, and they’ve made products that can fit any type of device. Their IntelliSkin protective device case has a form-fitting capability that allows users to ruggedize their devices. IntelliSkin also makes devices easier to mount and charge while docked on the vehicle.

The Bundle

There are two bundles available for the RAM Mounts and AINA collaboration. Read on to see what they have to offer for your company:

Bundle 1

The first bundle uses the RAM Tough-Dock, which fits the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, one of the most portable tablets available today. Then, on the mic mount, you’ll find the AINA Bluetooth speaker microphone. It’s mounted vertically for easy access and is connected to the tablet via Bluetooth, so the user can easily take it off if they’re going out of the vehicle. These can be purchased as a bundle or as individual components.

Bundle 2

The second bundle takes advantage of the Roller RAM Mount, with features that allow for easy insertion of the device and secure locking mechanisms. This mount fits devices in the Samsung Active series, which are made for rugged settings. The AINA Bluetooth speaker microphone is once again included, this time mounted horizontally on the right side. Much like Bundle 1, the components of Bundle 2 can be bought as a bundle or as individual parts.

Advantages of the Bundle

Convenience and Mobility

One of the biggest drawbacks of current PTT equipment is that many are connected to wires. Even though these wires are connected to the body, there’s still a chance of the wires tangling and slowing down communication. However, with AINA’s Bluetooth speaker microphone, the user can simply clip it wherever is convenient for them and it will remain connected to the device via the app.


All electronic products from RAM Mounts are backed by a three-year warranty. Even better, all mechanical products and parts have a lifetime warranty. AINA, on the other hand, offers a two-year warranty for the items in the bundle: the Bluetooth speaker microphone and the charger.

Premium Materials

Both the RAM Mounts and the AINA speaker microphones are made to suit even the most hostile environments. Thanks to the sturdy and rugged materials, moisture, dust, and harsh sunlight won’t make a dent in the components. Charging is also easier thanks to the pogo pin — this eliminates any wires that could tangle or break easily.

Connects to Many Applications

The AINA speaker microphone is approved to work with many PTT applications, especially those under the FirstNet umbrella. Thanks to this, users can install whichever app fits their needs on their Samsung device and connect it to the speaker microphone.

Applicable in Many Industries

Any company that has a fleet of vehicles or a need for instant communication can take advantage of the AINA and RAM Mount bundles. Since these use the internet to communicate, companies won’t need to install towers or other infrastructure to make them work. For mission-critical operations, this bundle is a reliable solution.

Situations and Industries Where the Bundle Is Used

Here are real-world examples of places where clients can take advantage of the AINA speaker microphone and RAM Mount bundle.

  1. School Transportation: School bus drivers can use the bundle to communicate with one another. With these devices, it will be easier to maintain order and safety when transporting students.
  2. Manufacturing Industry: Many industrial and manufacturing companies rely on instant communication for their operations. This is especially applicable to the mining, aggregate, construction, and utility industries.
  3. Security and First Response: Push-to-talk communication is essential in industries like security and first response. With the mobility provided by the AINA and RAM Mounts bundle, their operations become more efficient and convenient.

Final Thoughts

The AINA and RAM Mounts PTT bundle is a great investment for any company. With the innovative design and software, long-range capabilities, and high mobility, instant communication has never been this convenient.

Whatever industry or setting, the mount and Bluetooth speaker microphone bundle will be a dependable PTT system for your company.



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Reid Estreicher, VP of Business Development, 3Eye Technologies

Caramie Huntington, Sr. Enterprise Sales Manager

Kyle Lonzak, Business Development Manager at RAM Mounts…


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