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Season 3 Episode 36 In this episode of Beyond the Device, host Reid Estreicher is joined by Amit Ponam and Steven Gohl of @Scalefusion to show that not all MDMs are created equally. Many of the MDMs in the market today are singularly focused on trying to beat the competition by matching features that are often unused or underutilized in a marketing slick that the competitor has. “what has helped us a lot, and not making it feature-centric but more towards to the features which our users are going to use every day in and out. I think 95% or 96% of time whatever features we have, they have been used. So, that’s good to see that what we have built is actually used day to day. The other key thing is that everyone wants to make an easy-to-use software, and even Scalefusion is easy to use MDM. However, some people need some help, right? And nowadays with the current things. Like support is crazy, right? People have to wait in queues, or they’re talking to bots, and so on. One thing that we have been doing differently is we don’t use bots.” Noted Amit Pona.

“At Scalefusion, we have this track record of replying to customers within two minutes. Now, not resolution time but replying. At least coming back to them saying hey we are here, and we are going to help you with real people. And I think that helps a lot because that gives you that peace of mind that hey, I’m not going to be stuck around and not going to get my answers. But somebody telling you, giving you assurance, I’m going to be with you, we do that. And the second response for us is close to four minutes on average. And typical resolution time is within two hours.”

Hosted by: Reid Estreicher, VP of Business Development, 3Eye Technologies

Guests: Amit Ponam Dunbar, Sales Director, Scalefusion

Steven Gohl, Director of Strategic Partnerships РNorth America, Scalefusion 

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