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HyperGate Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Zug, Switzerland
Established 2009


Hypergate leverages your existing infrastructure and enables your employees to access company resources on their Android Enterprise and iOS smartphones like they are used to with a computer through a suite mobile device and identity management applications.

HyperGate Overview

Hypergate Authenticator and Files are seamless solutions for On-Premise Active Directory and File Management

Hypergate Authenticator is a managed application on the mobile device that delivers a seamless and secure Single Sign-On solution integrating directly with your Active Directory.
The solution leverages the industry-standard Kerberos to provide the best possible user experience without compromising on security. Enable SSO specifically with Android Enterprise which is otherwise not available.

Hypergate Files provides seamless access to on-premise network shares allowing users collaborate freely with their teams and edit all files directly on their mobile devices. Hypergate Files enables secure access to SharePoint, Office 365, Azure Files, OneDrive for Business, Box, Dropbox, and other cloud-based content repositories. Mobile IT admins can configure and deploy corporate access policies to ensure users can securely access, view, edit, and download content to their mobile devices.

Hypergate Files makes it easy for users to edit and annotate documents downloaded from content repositories or saved from email attachments. Edited documents on the mobile device can be securely stored or shared with colleagues and re-uploaded to available repositories.

The Hypergate Files solution can be integrated with any EMM / MDM – No backend infrastructure changes needed.


Hypergate Smart Security

Hypergate Smart Security helps you define when, where and how your employees can access your data. In the easy-to-use web portal you have the possibility to define additional access rules based on various factors such as GPS data, networks, time etc.

Hypergate in Healthcare

Hypergate, a cutting-edge Identity and Access Management solution, brings the power of secure, efficient, and reliable identity and access management (IAM) to the industry. By leveraging Hypergate’s advanced IAM capabilities, healthcare organizations can ensure seamless communication and collaboration among their staff, protect sensitive patient data, and accelerate critical processes while maintaining strict compliance with industry […]

Hypergate Authenticator for Government

Hypergate Authenticator is a secure Single Sign On solution that integrates directly with Active Directory. It provides a seamless authentication experience for users on both iOS and Android devices, allowing government networks to leverage existing rights management systems and mitigate the risk of off-premise access. Hypergate Authenticator also features standards-based compatibility with native applications such […]

Ready to work with just your phone? Samsung Dex and Hypergate

Ready to work with just your phone? With Samsung DeX, you can imagine a commute to work using only your mobile device, but there are limitations. In many IT environments, this mobile vision might not be supported. IT and Security teams work hard to enforce policies not natively supported on Android Enterprise. Even though your […]


2023 Hypergate Security

Hypergate Authenticator makes logging into applications easier than ever before. Users no longer need to enter login information when using their smartphone, and can authenticate directly to Active Directory or LDAP with their personal or corporate device. With Hypergate Authenticator, single sign-on across multiple devices and apps can be achieved, even if they are on-premise […]