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Why 3EYE?

When I was asked to write “Why 3Eye?” I really had to think and then collect my thoughts. Not because there wasn’t enough to say, but because there are SO many reasons why I love to work here and why I think others should want to work here too. How do I get all those things down and make it into one cohesive piece for people to read? Well…. I narrowed it down to my top 3.

#1 – Culture
When you think of what you want to find in a new job, culture may not be the first thing on your mind but in truth it can make or break your experience at a company. Culture is defined as the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another. The culture makes the company. The culture at 3Eye is unlike any that I have been a part of in my working life history. It is a culture built on hard work, caring about one another, and fun. It is unique, it is special, and it is something that we pride ourselves on and work to preserve with each passing day.

How do we do this? Well, we focus on teamwork, Team Fun, and family. The teamwork comes from collaboration between all departments and transparent and timely feedback in all situations. The Team Fun comes from activities and potlucks that are planned by E2, AKA myself and my awesome co-chair, Frosty. Potlucks take place in our cafeteria and are often themed with the time of year or national holidays. They are known for way too much food and maybe a game or two. The activities have been things like trivia night, bowling, and visiting local attractions, such as the bird sanctuary. And then we have family; family may be mentioned last here but it doesn’t come last to anyone at 3Eye. We believe that there should be a balance between work and family. Family is important and should be treated as such. 3Eye is a place that is excited about your child’s soccer game, your significant other’s promotion ceremony, and even your dog’s visit to the vet…and we don’t want you to miss those things. You don’t find that outlook everywhere.

#2 – Industry
3Eye is a value-added distributor of mobility and cloud solutions. Confused? I was too at first. What does that even mean? Mobility is the quality of being mobile or moving around. We don’t sell the computer, tablet, or phone that you or your company uses but we do sell all the other parts that make it awesome. Hardware to mount and protect it, antennas to enhance the connection, software to keep it connected and programs to keep your information safe. What good is any of that equipment nowadays if you can’t move around with it? One of the things you can guarantee with technology is that it is ALWAYS changing. So why not work in an industry that is always working with the next best thing? It is never dull, it is growing rapidly, and there is always something new and exciting around the corner.

#3 – Growth
3Eye is growing, rapidly year over year. You should work here because you would be joining a company that is still small but does BIG things. There is a chance for upward mobility and the ability to try new things. We focus on not just the job, but career development. We want to train you to do your job the very best that you can and if you set your sites on another job here we want to help you attain that too. We see your success as our success and your happiness as ours. Our team is our most valued asset and we strive to have our actions show that.

I really could keep going, and if you decide to apply for one of our openings now or in the future I would be glad to share even more with you. You should go to our careers page and check out the positions we have open right now. We would love to hear from you!