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Zimperium Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Established 2010


Zimperium is a leading provider of mobile threat defense solutions. Their zIPS solution provides continuous, on-device monitoring to detect known and unknown threats in real-time across the kill chain. This ensures that mobile devices are secure and can securely access data. Zimperium also offers a Mobile Threat Defense Maturity Model that helps customers build effective Mobile Threat defense capabilities based on best practices.

Zimperium Overview

The zIPS solution is built into Ivanti UEM for Mobile clients and protects and remediates against mobile attacks. It also integrates with Microsoft Intune to provide visibility to enact risk-based policies to automatically remediate attacks. Zimperium’s machine learning-based, on-device, enterprise-class mobile security for all of your devices ensures complete protection from any potential threats.

Zimperium’s advanced features for its next-generation on-device detection solution, zIPS, include phishing detection and CMMC compliance support. The phishing detection feature helps identify malicious links or emails before they can do any damage while the CMMC compliance support helps prove that you have a comprehensive approach to mobile device security.

Zimperium provides an effective solution for protecting your mobile devices from any kind of threat or attack. With their advanced features and integration with other platforms such as Ivanti UEM for Mobile clients and Microsoft Intune, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure at all times.


Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) Explained

The Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) helps enterprises build safe and secure mobile apps resistant to attacks. It is the only unified platform that combines comprehensive in-app protection with centralized threat visibility. The platform provides app shielding, key protection, app scanning, and runtime protection capabilities. Cyber threats are continuously evolving, and staying ahead of […]