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SyncDog Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Reston, VA
Established 2013


SyncDog is an enterprise security solution that provides organizations with the ability to empower their mobile workforce and enable BYOD. It offers a single, fully integrated modular solution that ensures secure access to corporate data, applications and networks. With SyncDog, organizations can reset expectations on how they manage their mobile workforce and protect their sensitive data.

SyncDog Overview

SyncDog is a mobile security and productivity software company that specializes in providing a secure mobile workspace for enterprise users. Their solutions are designed to address the unique security and compliance requirements of various industries, including healthcare, government, and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) compliant organizations.

One of the key areas of focus for SyncDog is enterprise mobility management. Syncdog’s Secure.Systems platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing and securing mobile devices and applications, including mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile content management (MCM) capabilities. This allows organizations to manage and secure mobile devices and applications throughout their entire lifecycle, from deployment to retirement.

SyncDog also emphasizes the importance of zero trust in their approach to mobile security. Zero trust is a security model that assumes that all devices and users are untrusted until proven otherwise. This approach helps organizations to protect against threats from both inside and outside the network. SyncDog’s Secure.Systems platform is designed to provide a zero-trust mobile environment, which includes features such as secure browsing, secure messaging, and secure collaboration.

In addition to enterprise mobility management and zero trust, SyncDog’s solutions are also designed to meet the specific security and compliance requirements of healthcare and government organizations. Their Secure.Healthcare platform provides a secure mobile environment for healthcare providers and patients, while their Secure.Government platform is designed for government agencies and contractors who must comply with strict regulations and standards. Syncdog also offers enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities such as device management, application control and secure file sharing. This allows organizations to easily deploy and manage applications, securely share files and ensure secure remote access to corporate data.

In addition to its EMM capabilities, SyncDog also provides advanced threat protection against malware/phishing attacks and other intrusions. Its containerized workspace provides a secure data platform that protects data between the enterprise’s backend and secure client devices. Organizations can also use SyncDog’s SecureSystems app on both Android and iOS devices for additional security features such as encrypted messaging, secure emailing, document signing and more.

SyncDog is a comprehensive enterprise security solution that enables organizations to securely empower their mobile workforce while protecting sensitive data from threats. It provides advanced threat protection capabilities as well as EMM features for managing applications, deploying them securely across devices and ensuring secure remote access.