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ScholarChip Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Hicksville, NY
Established 2000


Scholarchip is an identity management platform designed to provide a comprehensive view of student safety and security in schools. It offers a range of services, such as attendance tracking, payment processing, visitor management, secure door access, and behavior management tools to ensure the safety of students.

ScholarChip Overview

ScholarChip is a leading provider of identity management solutions for schools. It provides an integrated platform that helps schools holistically solve their biggest challenges and succeed. ScholarChip’s multifunctional ID cards are NFC-enabled and can securely access school premises, manage attendance, and track visitors.

The ScholarChip platform includes secure access control, visitor management, attendance tracking, emergency response planning, and behavior management tools. It also provides real-time data analytics to help school administrators make informed decisions quickly. The system is designed to provide a clear picture of what is happening on campus at any given time, allowing administrators to respond quickly in the event of an emergency or other incident.

The ScholarChip system has been implemented in school systems across the nation. It allows for quick identification of students and staff members when entering campus, as well as providing an additional layer of security by tracking who enters the building and when. This helps ensure that only authorized personnel have access to school premises, providing peace of mind for both students and staff members alike.


ScholarChip – Tools for Safer Schools

As school Administrators explore the best options for identifying and avoiding potential school threats, many are turning to technology. This holistic approach to school safety begins with issuing smart ID cards to students, using smart ID to access secure doors, registering school visitors at the building entrance, followed by social and emotional behavior management. • […]