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Man & Machine Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Thame, Oxfordshire
Established 1982


Man & Machine is a leading USA-based manufacturer of waterproof, washable, wired, and wireless keyboards and mice. They provide medical-grade computer products that are hygienic, easy to clean, and durable. Their products are used in medical settings as well as industrial applications. Man & Machine also offers low-profile keyboards with a modern design that features tactile feel keys for comfortable typing. Additionally, they offer the Petite Mouse, which is a medical-grade mouse that is washable and disinfectable. All their products are designed to be highly functional while providing superior hygiene solutions.

Man & Machine Overview

Man & Machine is a leader in cleanable keyboards and mice, offering medical-grade solutions designed to be easy to clean and disinfect without the need to disconnect the device. Their team of engineers brings a passion for all things electronic and has been providing custom-engineered hardware solutions for over 30 years. Man & Machine’s products are perfect for medical settings, as they provide a hygienic solution that can be easily cleaned with common disinfectants. In addition to their keyboards and mice, Man & Machine also offers an extensive range of accessories such as wrist rests, mouse pads, and other items designed to make using their products easier.

Man & Machine’s Reallycool Low Profile Keyboard-Black is one of their most popular products. This keyboard is designed with low-profile keys that are easy to type on while still resistant to spills and dust. It’s also equipped with antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent the spread of germs between users. The Slim Cool Keyboard is another popular product from Man & Machine; it has a slim design that fits comfortably into any workspace while still providing excellent performance.

Man & Machine provides a wide variety of products designed with hygiene in mind, making them perfect for medical settings or anywhere else where sanitation is important. Their keyboards and mice are easy to clean and disinfect without needing to disconnect the device, allowing users to keep their workstations safe from germs and bacteria without sacrificing convenience or performance.