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AINA PTT Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Salo, Finland
Established 2014


AINA PTT is a global data communication and telecommunications equipment provider with offices in Boston, MA and Salo, Finland.

AINA provides a secure Push to Talk (PTT) instant communication app, AINA Small Talk. This smartphone PTT app simulates traditional two-way radios, like Tetra radios, or Land-Mobile-Radios, with a walkie-talkie communication style. AINA Small Talk is a push-to-talk (PTT) app for enterprise and public safety users.

AINA PTT Overview

AINA provides the secure and reliable Push-to-Talk (PTT) instant communication app, AINA Small Talk. This innovative solution offers smartphone users a modern walkie-talkie experience, simulating traditional two-way radios like Tetra or Land Mobile Radios. Designed for enterprise and public safety users, AINA also provides rugged and loud handheld devices for critical communication needs.

At the heart of their PTT products is AINA Kepler, an All-in-One Communicator with fast network access and a SIM card that enables direct device-to-device coverage (DMO) when no other connection is available. Combining decades of radio user habits with modern IoT Technology, AINA’s Kepler can be considered “Radio 2.0”

The PTT Voice Responder is another key component of AINA’s solutions suite. This Bluetooth Remote Speaker-Microphone is designed as a superior alternative to traditional LMR/PMR technology, and it’s trusted by public & private security professionals, aviation industry workers, manufacturing staff, transportation & logistics operators, and facility management teams around the world.


AINA Kepler – Radio 2.0

Software updates are meant to improve performance, but sometimes they make things worse. They can interfere with your productivity and drive you crazy. Finally, there’s a solid solution: AINA Kepler. Speaker-Microphone – SIM card – Device-to-Device communication.

RAM Mounts Tab A7 Lite 8.7 + AINA Push To Talk

RAM® & Aina Join Forces with Samsung to create a best-in-class Push-to-Talk Bundle Why Choose AINA + RAM® Mounts? Aina is compatible with all major PTT applications, enabling instant communication in and around the vehicle while providing clear and crisp audio quality, and amplifying all media sounds through Bluetooth.  This extremely rugged and water-resistant wireless microphone […]