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AG Antenna Group Products & Brand Overview

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Established 2003


AG Antenna Group has been a leader in the antenna industry since its founding in 2003. Their PowerTech Antenna Program is designed to provide high-performance antennas for a variety of applications, from cellular and GPS/GNSS to WiFi and 5G NR.

AG Antenna Group Overview

The PowerTech Antenna Program offers a wide range of antennas that are designed to meet the needs of any application, including multi-MIMO, multi-band, and bolt mount options. These antennas are designed with advanced technology and feature high gain performance, low VSWR, and excellent radiation patterns. Additionally, all AG Antenna Group products are tested for quality assurance before they leave the factory.

The PowerTech Antennas are also designed for easy installation and integration into existing systems. With their compact size and lightweight design, these antennas can be quickly deployed in almost any environment. The antennas also feature a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C), making them suitable for use in extreme conditions.

The PowerTech Antenna program provides industry-leading pre-sales support, application resources, and expert guidance on antenna use.  As an active partner in creating end-to-end mobility and connectivity solutions, we show our customers ways to make each wireless product better, more reliable, and cost-effective.  The centerpiece of our program is our resource-rich website which includes an interactive antenna builder application – the first solution of its kind in the industry.  Our antenna builder application is designed to ensure customers find the correct antenna quickly. PowerTech is an industry leader in antenna solutions under the umbrella of AG Antenna Group. The PowerTech line includes Public Safety, M2M, Cellular Broadband, WiFi, and GPS antenna solutions. They also offer custom cabling and customer-designed products for specialized applications.