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Ready to work with just your phone? Samsung Dex and Hypergate

Ready to work with just your phone?

With Samsung DeX, you can imagine a commute to work using only your mobile device, but there are limitations.

In many IT environments, this mobile vision might not be supported. IT and Security teams work hard to enforce policies not natively supported on Android Enterprise.

Even though your hardware is ready, your corporate apps and data might not be.

Forcing users to stick to traditional PCs. Authentication Proper Authentication is critical when working with sensitive data. But users have to authenticate whenever they need access to work-related native apps or internal websites is counter-productive.

Password Management Whenever there is a problem with AD passwords (expired passwords or password reset requests), mobile employees need to contact support or find a Windows desktop computer to fix it.

Limited UX Accessing and editing On-Premise data on your Mobile Device is limiting. Many solutions force non-standardized editors that are not optimized for your devices.

With Hypergate, authentication, password management, and on-premise data access become seamless, unlocking the full potential of Samsung DeX.

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